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About Us
I have always loved art and creating images. It all started when I was young and I had a great influence from my mom. She loved painting horses on canvas. For the past twenty five years, I have worked in pencil and painted with watercolors (along with some oils). Always photographing for references.

I have competed in the Toledo Area Artist shows, exhibited at the 87th annual Toledo Area Artists show, the Twenty North Gallery, the LCVA Gallery, the Book Abbey, and the Croswell Opera House. For the past seven years I have worked with digital photography and love the creative elements that can be applied. I offer studio, home, and location photography, and love when the family pet is added to the scene!

We work and consult with you one on one to get unique images. We offer prints, wall portraits, gallery wraps, artworks, and photobooks. We strive to be different. For the love of photography!

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